JULY 26, 9:00

The "Fintech en Paraguay" investment conference took place at the Savoy hotel in on Wednesday, July 26. The event focused on showcasing global experiences in utilizing innovative tools in the fintech industry and promoting the development of financial technologies in our country.

The conference was organized by the investment consulting company Universum Project and featured renowned experts and investors in the fintech field, including:
• Diego Garcia, president of the Chamber of Fintech of Paraguay
• Mikhail Lobanov, founder of The Alternative (a european fintech venture fund)
• Sergey Solonin, founder and principal shareholder of QIWI (listed on NASDAQ: QIWI), one of the world's largest payment businesses
• Yuri Sorokin, founder and CEO of, the world's leading cryptocurrency trading tool, processing over 3 billion dollars monthly
• Felix Demin, entrepreneur and world traveler, known for his ventures in Bali and unique hospitality projects.

Organizers Elena Katseva and Vyacheslav Ryzhkov of Universum Project ensured the conference covered essential topics, including insights into fintech investments, experience with NASDAQ listings, and the success stories of global fintech projects.

The term "fintech" is derived from "finance" and "technology," and it signifies the trend of implementing cutting-edge digital technologies to optimize financial industry processes.

This involves delivering banking, administrative, accounting, and economic processes in a more convenient and practical manner through digital tools such as mobile applications, web platforms, payment systems, automated machines, and specialized software.
The conference provided participants with a unique opportunity to interact with prominent venture fund co-founders and investors from different parts of the world. They explored financing criteria and conditions, and discussed the process of taking companies public on NASDAQ, the world's second-largest stock exchange known for trading shares of leading technology giants.

The following presentations were given at the conference:
– Presentation by Mikhail Lobanov: Macro vision — the future is in developing markets;
– Сediting the floor to Sergey Solonin: Experience in the development of QIWI, one of the leading fintech services in Russia and CIS;
– Presentation by Mikhail Lobanov: A look at the fintech portfolio of Target Global — a European leader in venture capital investments;
– Presentation by Yuriy Sorokin: A case study of a successful global fintech: overview of 3commas.

The event also featured a panel discussion on "Developing markets taking the lead in fintech: what is needed in Paraguay to achieve success," moderated by Mikhail Lobanov.

After a productive morning, the conference attendees engaged in networking activities during the coffee break, further strengthening professional connections.

The "Fintech en Paraguay" conference served as a crucial platform for exchanging expertise and knowledge between experts, investors, and business community representatives, fostering the growth of the fintech industry in the country and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in the financial sector.

"Fintech en Paraguay"


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