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The investment & consulting company Universum Project E.A.S. plans to become a cutting-edge player both on the Latin American and the Hispanic investment market globally, specializing in investments in digital platforms, startups, design and construction management, and new territory development. Founded by a group of experienced professionals, the company is striving to create sustainable growth and innovation in various sectors.

Digital Platforms and Startups: Universum Project E.A.S. actively invests in promising startups and technology companies that develop innovative products and services. The company evaluates the potential of each project by analyzing its market opportunities, technological advantages and founding team. Investments are made to support product development and scaling, as well as expanding market presence.

Design and Construction Management: Digital Horizons also designs and manages construction projects, including residential and commercial projects, infrastructure developments and urban planning projects. The company works with leading architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure efficient and quality construction while meeting time and budget requirements.

New Area Development: Universum Project E.A.S. is actively involved in the development of new areas, including the creation of innovative amusement parks, environmentally sustainable residential areas and commercial facilities. The company collaborates with local authorities, environmental foundations, developers and communities to create a favorable environment for attracting investment, business development and improving the quality of life of the population.

The goal of Universum Project E.A.S. is becoming a leading investment partner for companies and projects that seek to change the world for the better through technology and innovation. Through its expertise, resources and network of contacts, the company helps its partners succeed and create a sustainable future for all.


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